Film (24 min) DREMMWEL - French subtitles.
Where the machine imposes its rhythm, where every day man mechanically extracts what he never sows, Dremmwel invites the public into this marine universe where seafarers and fishermen bear witness to seas wrinkled by human activity, cut by the furrows of the boats and nets that cross them.

Director : Pierre Vanneste
Image : Pierre Vanneste
Music : Eric Desjeux
Editing : Antoine Castro
Sound Mixing : Enzo Tibi
Texte : Laurence Grun
Calibation :  Pierre Vanneste
Production : 5Bandes Prod
Co-production : Nuit Noire production

Distribution partner Blinkl
With the support of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles | Centre National du
Cinéma et de l'image animé (CNC)

DREMMWEL creation for EP7 facade

Image : Pierre Vanneste
Editing : Antoine Castro - Pierre Vanneste - Laurence Grun


Image : Pierre Vanneste
Music performance : Eric Desjeux
Editing : Antoine Castro & Pierre Vanneste
Technical Assitst : Antoine Castro

Teaser of the video project DREMMWEL ( 24min)

Teaser of the  webdocumentary "Bargny, the real face of economic emergence" 
Located 35 kilometers from Dakar, the town of Bargny is becoming the new industrial suburb of the capital.
Caught between the consequences of rising sea levels linked to climate change and its forced mutation towards the industrial sector, it resembles a vast construction site of dying worlds.

Director : Laurence Grun - Pierre Vanneste
Image - Photography : Pierre Vanneste
Copywriter : Laurence Grun
Music : Eric Desjeux
Editing : Antoine Castro
Sound Mixing : Enzo Tibi


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